'Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.‘        Matthew 25:40


A team of 12 people from Evangel Baptist Church have joined together to sponsor and settle a refugee family in Edmonton.

The Family

The family we are sponsoring has six people in it.

  • Qahtan 35 years old
  • Rita 34 years old
  • Ameerah (Qahtan’s mother)
  • Jalo 9 years old
  • Jolyana 7 years old
  • Maryam 4 years old

Qahtan worked as a businessman, as a manager for an oil company.    The family travelled from Qaraqosh, Iraq to Jordan where they live in a refugee camp with many other families.  They have been there for 18 months.    They are unable to work legally - once a family applies for Refugee Status they are unable to work in the country they wait in.

They are from Qaraqosh, Iraq

Qaraqosh is a city in northern Iraq that was mostly a Christian city of 50,000 people.   A quarter of all Christians in Iraq lived in this city.  It became an obvious target for ISIS.  In August 2014, it was surrounded and captured by ISIS.  The city emptied in a single day with everyone fleeing as refugees.

What it will take

We will need to support the family for a year. This includes airfare to Canada, preparing for their arrival, finding housing, settling them with phones, jobs, groceries, navigating the city, and adjusting to life in Canada.  We believe that it will take $50,000 to sponsor the family of 6.

The processing time has slowed significantly since the initial wave of refugees.  It is now expected that it will take a year from the application time before the family comes over.

How You Can Help

  • Financial assistance: Through donations or special offering opportunities. Money can be given through Evangel Baptist Church or Canadian Global Response, where you can donate electronically. 
  • Manpower: Help with our fundraising events, donating items, planning events, helping get things organized for the family before and after they arrive.
  • Prayer: Please pray for our family, their safety and for this process to be done smoothly and quickly so we can get them here as soon as possible.

For updates follow the Mission 2540 Facebook Page.