Our purpose is to be a Christ centred, People oriented, Bible based, Mission focused church.

Here is a diagram or template of stages people go through from the curious seeker to a servant of God.

Everyone is a some stage of a spiritual journey.  God's goal for us is to be Servants and Disciplemakers - people who use our lives to serve others and help them become believers and disciples of Jesus

Click here to take a survey to see what stage of spiritual maturity you are at.

Then read below for a summary of each stage.

A Skeptic is someone who shows no interest in God, or who actively opposes God and mocks Christians. They’re not asking questions, not searching for God. They may be part of another religion. Still, God can come near them, call them and give them faith to believe. This is not a stage in the diagram – it’s more of a state of being.

A Curious person is someone who starts searching for God. They have questions about who God might be and what they believe about God. They are attracted to Christianity because of spiritual and life questions they have, or because of a friendship and love from a Christian. They are looking for guidance to sort out who God is and what he does. They may appreciate hearing a Christian’s story of their own search for God. It’s a process for a Curious person to find God and be ready to follow Jesus, sometimes taking months or years. Enjoy the search.

A Believer is someone who has come to know enough to place their trust in the Good News of Jesus. They often believe in God first, then in Jesus. At some point they must respond to God’s offer of forgiveness and a new life, by repenting and responding in faith to Jesus. God adopts them into his family. A Believer is like a baby or child – they are learning about the new life, learning to walk. They benefit from the care of other Christians to feed them and help them grow.

A Disciple is someone who begins to love Jesus back, and responds to his love. They show the truth of the statement love follows knowledge. They get baptized to show identification with him. Like a romance, they desire personal time with Jesus, listening and talking to him. They meet with others to express love for him (worship) and learn more about him (Bible study). They start practicing serving others at church and in the community (service). They’re still maturing, but desire to live out God’s will (Dream) for their life, to be like Jesus and partner with him to help the curious become believers.

A mature Disciple is deepening in obedience to Jesus by bringing their mind, will and body under his control. They know and apply the truths/doctrines of the Bible. They live in the Jesus-culture and resemble Jesus more and more in daily life. They lead studies and prayer times for others. They develop spiritual disciplines and a passion to help Curious become Believers, and Believers become Disciples. They take responsibility to serve and lead in their Christian communities.

A DiscipleMaker is someone actively working with Jesus to help the Curious become Believers and Believers become Disciples. They’re living out Jesus’ Great Commission and Great Commandment. They take initiative to love sinners, feed and care for young Christians, and mentor growing Christians. Whatever their occupation, their passion and preoccupation is to disciple others. This is Jesus’ default stage, his expectation for Christians and leaders.

A Servant is someone willing to suffer for Jesus and the gospel. They serve like Jesus served, humbly caring for others. They give themselves away so that many can find God and follow Jesus. They’ll go anywhere and do anything for the gospel, whatever the cost.